I nostri vini

Our Story

It all started with a long awaited dream, one that involved an old abandoned farmhouse and an ancient long forgotten vineyard, the dream was to renovate and revitalise both, bringing them back to their former glory.

The estate is located at about 630m above sea level in the town of Vizzini in the province of Catania. On the slopes of an extinct volcano that gives a combination of volcanic soil, clay and limestone, this creates ideal conditions to obtain grapes of an exceptional quality. Our wine is made from autochthonous organic Sicilian grapes, untreated and fertilised organically.

After many years our dream came true (not without challenges along the way), the result of endless efforts, imagination and tenacity, both the farmhouse and the vineyard were reborn under the Tenuta Tremollito name.

Our first harvest was in 2011 and thanks to our family and friends- we made it! Every year teaches us something new, but it is a journey that we hope to share with our customers.