La Capinera


Este vinho é adequado para todas as ocasiões, o seu sabor frutado e cor amarelo palha, sabor agradável, com um perfume delicado, são notas características da nossa terra da Sicília.


Nero d'Avola

Our wine of strong and powerful character stands out for its intense ruby red color and bright, lively violet hues when young or garnet after aging. The aroma is complex, with notes of red fruit and spices.


Rosso di Sicilia

A red wine made with Nero d’Avola and Frappato grapes. Whose color is cherry red tending to purple, is dry in the mouth, warm, round and harmonious, vinous when young and velvety with age.



‘Ntoni is a wine of ruby colour, brilliant, with fruity aromas clearly whose name etymologically recalls, but also with floral notes, fresh taste and well structured, accompanies any dish.



Sicili is a wine produced from Nero d’Avola grapes, it is a fresh wine with the right acidity, elegant but at the same time suitable for every situation.